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PXI Architecture - PXI Multicomputing (PXImc)

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PXI Multicomputing (PXImc)
Modern-day test and control systems are growing larger, more complex, and more intricate. Most of these intricacies address new challenges such as the need for higher speed, higher channel-count data acquisition and generation, and inline data processing. New test, measurement, and control systems must address these needs while providing other features such as low cost, scalability, vendor interoperability, and flexibility. At the core of these issues, engineers fundamentally need to transfer and process large amounts of data with minimal delay.

The PXI MultiComputing (PXImc) specification, released in 2009, addresses these needs by using low-cost, off-the-shelf technology. The specification defines the hardware and software requirements to connect two or more intelligent systems together using PCI- or PCI Express-based interfaces via a PCI Express non-transparent bridge (NTB). The PCI Express bus offers multi-gigabytes per second of practical data throughput and a few microseconds of latency making it is well-suited to meet these data transfer needs.

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