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Customer Testimonials

"It previously cost us as much as $1.5 million to build a console, but with PXI, the most complex console costs us only $250,000 to build."
Royal Cook, Electrical Engineer
Parker Hannifin

"The advantage (of PXI) to Teradyne is that instrument vendors are developing PXI products at a phenomenal rate ... It is becoming easier for us to address our customers' needs in the automotive, wireless, telecom, and optical markets."
John Casey, President
Teradyne Assembly Test Division (courtesy of PXI Technology Review magazine - Summer 2002) 

"The modular nature of PXI provides for the inclusion of faster processors or alternative modules for future flight testing with specialized requirements."
Steven Blandford, Senior Avionics Design Engineer
Royal Australian Air Force, Aircraft Research and Development Unit  

"The PXI hardware platform provides an off-the-shelf solution for a variety of data acquisition needs including both traditional signal acquisition as well as the CAN protocol."
Bruce Stedwell
Worldwide Proving Ground Systems 

"PVS/IT-Ford AZ Proving Ground "We selected PXI when redesigning an automated test system because it was the most cost-effective solution. The new PXI system is one third the size of the original, with testing time reduced 75 percent."
Dr. Eric Smitt, Senior Engineer
Lockheed Martin

"Both VXI and PXI met the application requirements; therefore the selection came down to cost. A VXI system would have cost at least $20,000 more than its PXI equivalent. Since that amount was nearly 100 percent more, the selection was easy."
Brian Foley
Fairchild Semiconductor (Courtesy of PXI Technology Review)


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