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PXI Show China 2019 - Call for Exhibitors and Papers
Each show will be a one-day event running from 9:00 to 17:00.Exhibits in one room; papers in another


PXI Show China 2019 - Call for Exhibitors and Papers
Beijing, Tuesday 11th June; Shanghai, Friday 14th June; Chengdu, Tuesday 18th June; Xi’an, Friday 21st June


 PXI Show China 2019 

Call for Exhibitors and Papers 

Members of the PXI Systems Alliance (PXISA), together with assistance from the PXISA marketing committee, have had four years of successful trade shows and conferences in mainland China in that we called “The PXI Show”. On average, twelve companies displayed their PXI products and eleven companies presented papers on PXI Apps. 

The statistics of the 2018 shows: 

Four events – Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, and Chengdu 

Total registered persons – 1,087 

Attendees (Less than registered because of space limitations) – 573 

Market focus of attendees - Mil/Aero, Automotive and General Transportation, Communications, Healthcare, and others. 

Average % of attendees who filled out survey – 73% 

% of attendees satisfied with PXI show – 96% 

% of attendees who want to attend in 2019 – 85% 


Based on the success of the last four years, we are planning to hold a series of PXI Shows in 2019. We encourage you to review this proposal and contact us as soon as possible if your company wants to participate. 

PXI Show Overview – Each show will be a one-day event running from 9:00 to 17:00. Exhibits will be in one room and papers will be presented in another – in this way, if a paper topic is not of interest to an attendee, they can 

visit the exhibits instead. Lunch will be served at midday. 

Publicity – Two websites (www.pxishow.cn and www.pxishow.com ) promotes the event. Open-Ad, our show management firm, will invite potential companies to attend from their extensive database of test engineering persons. Open-Ad guarantees that at least 30% of the attendees will be new to the PXI Show compared to 2018 at each location. All prospective attendees will be screened to control the number of attendees and to ensure that they have strong interest in PXI and have active projects that are potential PXI applications. In addition, we are potentially working with Open-Ad to create an email blast of eight newsletters spaced out over the times prior to the shows. The PXISA will also post the dates on their web site and include them in their newsletter. 

Dates and Locations – The dates and cities are as follows: 

• Beijing, Tuesday 11th June 

• Shanghai, Friday 14th June 

• Chengdu, Tuesday 18th June 

• Xi’an, Friday 21st June 

Each event is scheduled to allow time for exhibitors to visit customers, travel to the next city, and setup your exhibit. 

Exhibits Space - In order to create a level playing field for both large and small companies, we are only allowing table top exhibits. There will be no large stands. The standard exhibit will be on a four-meter table. 

Number of Exhibitors – We have room for up to sixteen exhibitors. Nine companies from 2018 have signed up to exhibit so far – Astronics, Beijing Aerospace, Hightech, Keysight, JY Tech, Pickering, Queentest, TDK Lambda, and VPC. Two new companies -Beijing Art Control and BJ Tech – will also be at the show. To exhibit, the PXI show exhibitors must be either PXISA members, agents for PXISA members, or Systems Integrators that specialize in PXI Integration. We encourage participants to exhibit at all four events. However, we realize that budgets, scheduling, and staffing bandwidth may not allow some companies to participate at all four events. We will do our best to accommodate each company that wishes to participate. 

Cost - All expenses will be shared evenly by all exhibitors. As an example of the cost, 2018 exhibitors paid an average of $2,500 per event. This covers the invites, web site (www.pxishow.cn), meeting rooms, and lunch. Each exhibitor is responsible for their travel and demo expenses. 

As costs are shared evenly between all the exhibitors, the price for 2019 will go up or down depending on how many PXI vendors/integrators sign up. 

Attendees Contact Information – All exhibitors receive copies of all attendee’s contact information, including name, title, company, location, and email addresses. 

Presentations – All exhibitors are invited to submit an abstract for a presentation. The presentation should be in Chinese (English with translation is possible, but the amount of time 

for the presentation will be compromised) and be strongly applications focused – the presentation should be 20 to 25 minutes with time for questions and answers. We will not allow product presentations as the primary topic. In order to be considered, please submit a 100 to 200 word abstract in English describing your presentation. We reserve the right to request changes or potentially reject an abstract that is perceived as being too commercial. Abstracts reviews 

will be performed by Bob Stasonis, member of the Board of Directors of the PXISA. Abstracts will be judged based on the technical value to the attendees rather than the commercial value. 

Please note that we have a limited number of time slots for presentations. So please submit your abstracts as soon as possible. 

Deadlines – Request to exhibit should be submitted no later than March 30th. Abstracts MUST be submitted by March 30th and final presentations must be submitted by May 15th. 

Contact Info – All questions, requests to exhibit, and presentation abstracts should be submitted to Bob Stasonis (email; bob.stasonis@pickeringtest.com – phone: +1 508-574-6121) or Lisa Zhou at Open-Ad (email; ying.zhou@open-ad.com.cn - +86 10-57026020 

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