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New Products

January 2020


ADLINK PXIe-3977 - 3U 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processor based PXI Express Gen3 Controller with 16GB/s System Bandwidth Capability.

ADLINK high-performance Gen3 PXI Express 3U controllers built with top-of-the-line PXI technology. Following on the earlier release of PXIe-3987, ADLINK continues its commitment to offering a full spectrum of performance options at affordable prices for our customers worldwide, thus fulfilling the requirements of each unique Test and Measurement situation.


System details including specifications are available here.



ADLINK PXIe-3937 - 3U 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i3 Processor based PXI Express Gen3 Controller with 16GB/s System Bandwidth Capability.

ADLINK high-performance Gen3 PXI Express 3U controllers built with top-of-the-line PXI technology. Following on the earlier release of PXIe-3987, ADLINK continues its commitment to offering a full spectrum of performance options at affordable prices for our customers worldwide, thus fulfilling the requirements of each unique Test and Measurement situation.

System details including specifications are available here.



ADLINK PXES-2785 - 18-Slot 3U 24GB/s PXI Express Chassis – Up to 8 GB/s, 50W power and cooling capacity per slot


ADLINK PXI Express Gen3 high-performance chassis. Strict compliance with the PXI standard, the ADLINK PXES-2785 chassis combines a high-performance 18- slot PXI Express backplane with a high-output power supply and features a structural design optimized for maximum usability to meet the unique requirements of high-density and high-bandwidth Test and Measurement applications.

System details including specifications are available here.




November 2019


Marvin Test  TS-960e-5G mmWave / 5G Production Test System

The TS-960e-5G mmWave test system delivers proven performance up to 50 GHz. The system integrates laboratory grade RF performance directly to the mmWave Device Under Test (DUT) for multi-site production test or device characterization for mmWave devices. In addition, MTS offers a full suite of digital and parametric testing and SPI/I2C interface support to functionally control / monitor the device under test.

System details including specifications are available here.


Pickering BRIC 0.5Amp PXI Matrix Modules with up to 6,144 Crosspoints

The new 0.5Amp ultra-high-density PXI matrix module family (model 40-558) has a switching density 39% higher than competing devices. The modules allow a complete Functional ATE system to be housed in a single 3U PXI chassis, and the integrated BRIC design saves on valuable chassis slots compared to standard PXI matrix modules.

Available in two, four or eight-slot widths for matrix sizes between 64x16 and 1,008x6. The modules are fitted with high quality, ruthenium-sputtered 4mmx4mm reed relays – manufactured by Pickering’s relay division – which feature a very long life with good low-level switching performance and excellent contact resistance stability.

For more information, click here

Keysight M9601A PXIe Precision Source/Measure Unit, 1.25 MSa/s, 10 fA, 210 V, 315 mA

The Keysight M9601A is a precision source/measure unit (SMU) ideal for a wide variety of current versus voltage measurement tasks that require both high resolution and accuracy such as the characterization, parametric/reliability tests of semiconductors, active/passive components, and general electronic devices.

  • 4-quadrant integrated symmetry sourcing and measuring capability
  • Broad coverage of currents from 10 fA to 315 mA and voltages from 500 nV to 210 V
  • 20 μs minimum narrow pulse capability
  • 30 fArms low current measurement noise at 20 ms aperture time
  • High-speed sampling measurement at 1.25 Msamples/s

For more information, click here.



July 2019


SignalCore 26.5 GHz RF Downconverter

The SC5317A is a Ku to C band single stage downconverter, whose input RF range is 6 GHz to 26.5 GHz, LO frequency range is 6 GHz to 14 GHz, and output IF range is 5 MHz to 4 GHz. It features an internal synthesized LO, RF preamplifier, and variable gain control, making it a compact standalone downconverter module.


For more information, click here.


May 2019


Keysight M9800A PXIe Vector Network Analyzer, 9 kHz to 4.5 GHz

  • Cascade multiple modules for up to 50 ports on a single chassis  of multiport or multi-site measurement
  • Make accurate multiport measurements with N-port correction capability
  • Perform fast and easy multiport calibration with electronic calibration (ECal) modules
  • Choose from a wide range of measurement application to gain deeper insight into your RF test
  • Features the same intuitive GUI as Keysight’s high-performance network analyzers

For more information, click here.

ADLINK PXIe-3987 PXI Express embedded controller

The ADLINK PXIe-3987 PXI Express embedded controller, based on the 7th gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor, is specifically designed for hybrid PXI Express-based testing systems, delivering maximum computing power for a wide variety of testing and measurement applications.

Combining state-of-the-art 3.0GHz quad-core Intel® Core™ i7-7820EQ processors (3.7GHz maximum in single-core, Turbo Boost mode), and up to 32 GB of 2400 MHz DDR4 memory, the PXIe-3987 utilizes four separate computing engines on a single processor, enabling execution of numerous independent tasks simultaneously in a multi-tasking environment. With a configurable PCIe switch, the PXIe-3987 can support four links x4 or two links x16 and x8 PXI Express link capability, with maximum system throughput up to 16 GB/s by PCI Express 3.0 bus.


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April 2019


Pickering’s New 256 Crosspoint 2-Pole PXI Switching Matrices

This new range of high-density, two-pole PXI switching matrices offer higher performance than competing products. Series 40-580 (32x8) and 40-583 (64x4) matrices are supported by both of Pickering’s relay test tools (BIRST and eBIRST), delivering sophisticated and thorough diagnostics for any relays that are approaching end-of-life or have been damaged by over-specification hot-switching events. Featuring 256 2-pole crosspoints, these matrices use gold-plated contact electro-mechanical relays to switch up to 300VDC/250VAC and up to 60W maximum power; maximum current is 2A, hot or cold switching.


For more information, click here.



February 2019

Pickering Interfaces’ PXI Programmable Resistor Modules

These new PXI programmable resistor modules (model 40-251/2/3) offer 2.5W, 5W or 10W power handling with a wide selection of channel counts and resistance ranges. They target applications that require an accurate medium-power programmable resistance such as a programmable load for the testing of ECUs or for fuel level sensing in the demanding, hi-reliability, Automotive, Military and Aerospace sectors.  Available with between 1 and 8 resistance channels per module, resistance settings from 1Ω to 22MΩ and resolutions from 0.125Ω to 2Ω, the most suitable module may be selected for any specific application. 

For more information, click here.

GENASYS High Density Matrix Switch Card, 104 x 8 x 8

The GX6188 is a 6U PXI, high density matrix, GENASYS architecture switching card. The card provides the user with the ability to connect and interface resources to multiple UUT connections. The board consists of two matrices - a 104x8 and a 8x8 matrix. The GX6188 can connect to 104 UUT switching points, eight external resources and an eight channel global bus via front panel connectors. Multiple GX6188 cards can be connected using the global bus. Like other GENASYS switch cards, the GX6188 features an integral, 3-dimensional switching architecture which provides the flexibility to connect test system resources to multiple UUT connections as well as supporting an expansion bus connection without sacrificing I/O matrix connections when building multiple switch card configurations.

For more information, click here.


November 2018

Pickering Interfaces’ Model 40-263 PXI RTD Simulator Module

Pickering Interfaces’ model 40-263 PXI RTD simulator module provides a cost-effective method of simulating PT100, PT500 or PT1000 RTDs (resistance temperature detectors) with high accuracy. The unit supports 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 or 24 channels of accurate RTD simulation in one or two PXI slots with channels able to be set as short or open circuit to simulate faulty wiring to a sensor. 

            ⁃           PT100, PT500 or PT1000 Versions simulating -150°C to >850°C

            ⁃           Simple control by resistance calls

            ⁃           High accuracy and fine resistance control

            ⁃           Short and open circuit simulation

            ⁃           Simple calibration with external DMM

For more information, click here.

September 2018

Pickering Interfaces PXI 2A PXI Fault Insertion Switching

Designed to Simulate Flt Conditions in Automotive and Avionics Test Applications

These new PXI Fault Insertion Switches (model 40-202), available with 22 or 11 fault insertion channels, were primarily designed to simulate fault conditions in automotive and avionics test applications involving the reliability testing of safety-critical controllers. They are specifically designed for differential signaling requirements, with capabilities to insert three different types of fault condition between the test fixture and the equipment under test; open-circuit, short-circuit between signal pairs and short-circuit to user applied fault conditions such as power or ground. These new models complement Pickering’s large range of PXI Fault Insertion Switches, which are typically used in Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation (HILS) applications for Electronic Control Unit (ECU) validation. 

For more information, click here.


Marvin Test Solutions F-35 Armament Test Set

  • Rugged, portable tester for F-35 Lightning II Alternate Mission Equipment (AME)
  • Field and back-shop testing of launchers, pylons and subassemblies
  • Full support for MIL-STD-1760 assemblies and other JSF interfaces
  • State-of-the-art PXI architecture
  • Full parametric test with optional diagnostics

For more information, click here.



PXI Vector Signal Analyzers

Keysight's PXIe vector signal analyzers are ideal for design validation and manufacturing applications that require fast, high quality measurements where quality control, product conformance and test optimization are essential. With a small footprint, speed, scalability repeatability, and the flexibility to configure a solution with a shared processor, frame/chassis, display, and interface, PXIe vector signal analyzers provide the building blocks for your single or multi-channel modular test solution.
Key Features

  • Frequency from 9 kHz to 50 GHz
  • Up to 160 MHz analysis bandwidth
  • Absolute amplitude accuracy of ± 0.15 dB
  • Frequency switching speed of < 150 us

For more information, click here.


 Pickering 40-298 (PXI) and 50-298 (PCI) cards


For more information, click here.


August 2018


Pickering Interfaces Introduces a New USB 2.0 Hub Module


For more information, click here.


July 2018


AIM AFDX®/ARINC664P7 Avionic Test Module

AIM AFDX®/ARINC664P7 Test and Simulation module for PXIe with 2 full duplex ports programmable for 10/100/1000 MBit/s.  Versions available for both Airbus and Boeing variants of ARINC664P7.  Applications include test, verification and simulation of AFDX®/ARINC664P7 End Systems, Switches and Networks. Includes PXI Triggering and PXI System Clock capabilities.

For more information, click here.


Sundance DSP PXIe800Z
The PXIe800Z is based on Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC FPGA family. Depending on the choice of Zynq UltraScale+ FPGA it can be used for High-Performance Computing (HPC), digital communication or image processing, including AR/VR applications. Sundance DSP supplies frame- grabber (MIPI to Camera-Link), DAQ modules which create a suitable platform for AR/VR solutions.

The platform takes standard FMC modules or custom size FMC hardware solution with large PCB area for design. This makes it particularly suitable for high-end test-and-measurement applications with custom FMCs which we can help design.

The hardware can be used as an embedded solution without needing a host.


For more information, click here.



May 2018


Pickering 6U High-Density Matrix modules


For more information, click here.


Marvin Test Solutions 4-Channel PXI Source Measure Unit

The GX3104’s unique flex-power architecture offers users the option to configure the SMU as a 4-channel, 250 mA/ channel SMU or as a single channel, 1A SMU – providing test engineers the flexibility to support both high current or multi-channel SMU applications with one module. 


For more information, click here.


April 2018

Keysight PXI Avionics Databus Modules

Avionics interface modules from Avionics Interface Technologies, offered through Keysight, enable connectivity between your PXI test systems solution to DUT’s with aviation industry standard buses. These modules are capable of simulation, monitoring, record and play back of bus traffic enabling test and verification of avionics equipment data communication capabilities. The available interface modules support industry standard avionics based buses such as MIL-STD 1553, ARINC 429, and ARINC 664p7, and Fibre Channel.

For more information, click here


March 2018

M8920A Radio Test Set

RF and audio signal generation and analysis for military, public safety, and avionics radio communications

Keysight’s M8920A Radio Test Set supports many formats by combining PXI hardware with application-specific software in a single flexible and scalable chassis, providing broad multi-format coverage for next-generation radio testing. It has a scalable modular architecture for efficient and complete test development and execution needed for the manufacturing and radio maintenance environment.

For more information, click here


Teledyne SP Devices 14-bit Arbitrary Waveform Generator
   with 2 GS/s Sample Rate

The SDR14TX AWG offers a complement to the previously released ADQ14 and ADQ7 digitizer families and can be used either for stand-alone operation or in system-level solutions with well-matched signal generation and data acquisition performance. SDR14TX provide 14-bit vertical resolution, 2 GS/s sample rate and an analog bandwidth of 2 GHz making it ideal both for baseband arbitrary waveform generation as well as wideband direct RF synthesis up to the second Nyquist band.



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January 2018

Advanced Testing Technologies PXI/PXIe Inserts

  • Avoid Unnecessary Replacement of VXI Instruments
  • Lower Lifecycle Costs
  • Reduce ECP/ECN Costs
  • Reduce T.O. Changes Necessary
  • Instantly Create Hybrid Test Solutions
  • Add New PXIe Capabilty into an Existing VXI Chassis

    The Advanced Testing Technologies PXI Insert allows the user to easily incorporate PXI/PXIe instruments into an existing VXI chassis. This product eliminates the need to replace a complete VXI chassis and currently sustainable instruments or find rack space to incorporate a new PXI chassis. These products do not require any micro-code overhead or associated complex software development.

For more information, click here.


NI PXIe-1095 Chassis with 58 W Power and Cooling per Slot

The PXIe-1095 chassis offers 58 W of power and cooling in every slot, 50 percent higher than all previous NI PXI Express chassis. This specification is valid for a chassis filled with modules each requiring 58 W of power dissipation. More power and cooling in every slot allows higher power budgets for PXI modules and makes it possible for the PXI platform to continually serve challenging, high-performance applications.


For more information, click here.


Keysight M9379A RF Amp Module

Improve noise floor measurements with the M9379A RF Amp module’s two amplifiers, RF switches and a programmable step attenuator, when using with the M9485A PXIe multiport vector network analyzer (VNA). Easily configure a system using this single-slot module that provides front-panel input/output test ports. The combined  M9379A RF Amp and M9485A VNA capabilities provide increased dynamic range for high-rejection filter measurements

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November 2017

Pickering PXI Microwave Multiplexers

Pickering expands their range of PXI Microwave Multiplexers with new 50GHz modules (model 40-785B). These are single or dual 6-channel multiplexers with relays mounted on the front panel and are designed to switch 50Ω signals up to 50GHz. The single slot version can support up to three remotely mounted multiplexers, which occupies less PXI slot space, also allowing the microwave relays to be placed closer to the UUT and other RF test equipment. 

For more information, click here.


Marvin Test Solutions GX7100e Series, GX7205 and GX7215 PXI Chassis
The GX7100e Series are 14-slot PXIe 3U/6U combination Smart chassis with a 4x4 Gen2 backplane, and support both external and embedded controller configurations. The combination of 3U and 6U slots  provides versatility and flexibility in a compact footprint. The GX7205 and GX7215 are high-power chassis that are part of the GX7200 Series and feature a 4x4 PXIe lane architecture with  21 slots, accommodating  up to 20 instruments plus a single-slot controller. 

For more information, click here.


Alfamation PVA-01/PVA-04 PXIe-based Real-Time Video Stream Analyzer
Alfamation introduces PVA-01 and PVA-04 PXIe cards supporting respectively LVDS, OpenLDI & V-by-ONE HS™ video standards. Both instruments can manage up to 8 independent channels which can be split or joined, to interface with a single or up to 8 independent devices, each at 1080p equivalent resolution. The aggregated test bandwidth allows processing up to a 1080p at 240 Hz frame rate, with a 30 bit per pixel color depth or 4K Ultra-HD video at 60 Hz. The host interface uses a 4x Gen2 PXIe physical layer for fast video streaming to mass storage devices. The PVA-01 and PVA-04 PXIe boards leverage the performance of integrated FPGAs for flexible real-time evaluation of digital video signals at bitrates of exceeding 20 Gb/s. 

For more information, click here.


New FlexRIO Modules with Xilinx Kintex UltraScale

PXI FlexRIO Coprocessor Modules feature high-performance FPGAs that add signal processing capability to PXI systems. These modules leverage the latest FPGAs from Xilinx, streaming technologies such as PCI Express, and NI Peer to Peer Streaming for high-bandwidth data communication with other modules over the backplane. When paired with another PXI device, such as a PXI Vector Signal Transceiver, PXI FlexRIO Coprocessor Modules provide the additional FPGA resources required to run complex algorithms in real-time.


For more information, click here.



Keysight PXIe M9341A Digital I/O for Vector Network Analysis Systems
The M9341A digital I/O with the 24-bit digital I/O connector and triggering ports provides communication signals between the PXI vector Network analyzer (VNA) installed in the same PXI chassis and an external handler. This allows the PXI VNA such as the Keysight M937xA and M9485A to be used in an automated test environment. The M9341A digital I/O is compatible to the 24-bit digital I/O connector on the rear panel of the Keysight VNA such as the PNA and ENA Series.

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