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From Bob Helsel, Editor of the PXI Newsletter:

Welcome to the March 2016 edition of the PXI Newsletter.  Our intent is to educate and inform you about how the PXI standard is being used in modular test systems for a wide variety of industries.

In the New PXI Products section, we are showcasing PXI products recently released by members of the PXI Systems Alliance.

Our thanks go to National Instruments, the sponsor for this month's issue.

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Automated Test Outlook


Submitted by National Instruments

Since 1976, companies around the world including BMW, Lockheed Martin, and Sony have relied on PXI products and services to build sophisticated automated test and measurement systems.

Test delivers value to your organization by catching defects and collecting the data to improve a design or process. Driving innovation within test through technology insertion  and best-practice methodologies can generate large efficiency gains and cost reductions. The goal of the Automated Test Outlook is to both broaden and deepen the scope of these existing efforts and provide information you need to make key technical and business decisions.

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Wireless Test System Challenges

Submitted by Keysight Technologies

More and more people rely on their wireless devices to manage email, social media, banking, and downloading or streaming videos and movies. In order to support these activities, consumers are demanding higher data rates and better signal integrity for their mobile devices. Wireless providers continue to improve connectivity and achieve higher peak data rates of their mobile communications systems to meet these growing demands. One solution being used more often involves the implementation of multi-antenna techniques. Multi-antenna techniques add system capacity by increasing the number of antennas at the transmitter, receiver or both. Specifically, they are implemented to achieve better spectral efficiency and increased peak data rates. The techniques include:

  • Path diversity – Uses multiple antennas at either the transmitter or the receiver to improve the robustness of the signal or the ability of the receiver to correctly receive the transmitted data.
  • Spatial multiplexing - A technique used to transmit independent and separately encoded data signals (data streams) from each of the multiple transmit/receive antennas.



Thanks to all our readers.
Bob Helsel, Editor

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New PXI Products

The PXI platform continues its explosive growth with many new product introductions. New products introduced in the last three months include (listed in the order received):

Keysight M9161D PXI Solid State Dual SP4T Switch Module, 50 MHz to 20 GHz
The Keysight Technologies’ M9161D provides fast switch speed with ultra-long cycle life reducing the total cost of test. With unmatched isolation of 100 dB at 9 GHz it minimizes cross talk in high density ATE systems.

VX Instruments PXA723X 150MS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator
VX Instruments expands the Measurement Business Division with the PXA723X 150MS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator Family. The new devices features up to two simultaneously working channels with 150 MS/s, 16 Bit resolution and an output voltage up to +30 V or ±15 V.

NI PXI-8840 Quad-Core PXI Controller
The PXI-8840 Quad-Core includes the Intel Core i7-5700EQ processor, which offers a 2.6 GHz base frequency (3.4 GHz single-core, Turbo Boost mode) quad-core processor. Quad-core processors contain four cores, or computing engines, in one physical package.

VPC Snap-In-Modular (SIM) VTAC
VPC introduces its Snap-In-Modular (SIM) VTAC right angle insert. Capable of speeds of 10+ Gbps, the VTAC right angle insert is ideal for a variety of applications that require a high speed PCB solution.

beltronic-IPC  18-Slot PXI-Portable
After launching our PXI-8S Portable in 2015 we are now announcing the production release of our new PXI-18S Portable built to be used in military and industrial areas which call for this kind of robust and reliable system complying with the MIL-810 STD.The unit is capable to operate on 110 to 230V AC or 18V DC to 36V DC.

MAC Panel SCOUT mass interconnect for Pickering BRIC 8
SCOUT is a PXI connectivity solution specifically designed to deliver the full performance of a PXI test system that needs mass interconnect to an ITA or Fixture. MAC Panel recently announced a DAK (Direct Access Kit) adapter for the Pickering BRIC 8.  

Conduant's Big River™ DM-4M.2 3U PXIe storage unit
Big River™ DM-4M.2 3U storage unit delivers up to 4 terabytes of M.2 storage capacity.  The DM-4M.2 with a PCIe Gen3 x8 host interface delivers high-speed data rates for sequential writes of 3.25 gigabytes/second and sequential reads of 3.4 GB/s to PXI Express systems.


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