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From Bob Helsel, Editor of the PXI Newsletter:

Welcome to the July 2015 edition of the PXI Newsletter.  Our intent is to educate and inform you about how the PXI standard is being used in modular test systems for a wide variety of industries.

In the New PXI Products section, we are showcasing PXI products recently released by members of the PXI Systems Alliance.

Our thanks go to National Instruments, the sponsor for this month's issue.

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Your PXI Chassis
(Part 3)

Submitted by National Instruments


After reading Part 2 of the 3 part series, you now know that your PXI chassis has sub 150 picosecond slot-to-slot skew via the differential start trigger, a convenient rack-mount kit, and remote system health monitoring. You are well on your way to becoming a PXI chassis guru.

Here are the final 5 things you probably don’t know your PXI chassis offers you.

Table of Contents

1. Front Panel LED Indicators
Although PXI chassis undergo rigorous design and test procedures, field troubles can arise. Three LED indicators just beneath the system controller ...



Finding the origin of the Universe: Assisted by High speed ADC capability at 12 bits, 4 Gsps

by Steve Taranovich, Senior Technical Editor of EDN

Analog Front End (AFE)

The digitizer’s AFE is flexible enough with its software controllable gain and DC-bias that that makes it possible to use the full input range upon capturing unipolar signals. This effectively doubles the resolution capability of the ADC. A variety of sensors will easily interface with this ADC as well.

A diagram of the flexible AFE is shown in Figure 2a.

Figure 2a: The diagram of the flexible AFE (Image courtesy of SP Devices)

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Thanks to all our readers.
Bob Helsel, Editor

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New PXI Products

The PXI platform continues its explosive growth with many new product introductions. New products introduced in the last three months include (listed in the order received):

SP Devices ADQ214-DCLN
New digitizer optimized for low noise
ADQ214-DCLN is a dual-channel, 14-bit, 400 MS/s digitizer optimized for excellent noise performance.

VPC i2 MX - Scalable... Configurable... Modular
The all new i2 MX connector is your new wiring solution for improved configurability and horizontal stackability. The i2 MX allows for multiple modular inserts including: Micro & Mini Power and Coax, QuadraPaddle™, TriPaddle, and VTAC (HSD). It can also be used within multiple VPC interfaces, including the 90 Series adding the capability to interconnect with your PXI instrumentation.

AIT Shared Memory Network PXI Express InterfaceBuilding on AIT’s complete line of avionics data bus test instruments, the new PXIe-SMN provides an interface to a high speed (2.125 Gbps), low latency, optical shared memory network.

NI PXIe-4463 Dynamic Signal Generator
The NI PXIe-4463 dynamic signal generator offers best-in-class dynamic range and THD+N for audio, acoustic, and vibration applications. It provides the high precision and dynamic range necessary for the most stringent audio generation requirements in a modular form factor. 

Keysight M9451A PXIe Measurement Accelerator
The M9451A PXIe Measurement Accelerator, a high performance FPGA processing card, speeds characterization for RF power amplifier test.With the M9451A, closed/open loop digital pre-distortion (DPD) and envelope tracking (ET) measurements can be made in tens of milliseconds for up to a 100 times speed improvement.

Signal Processing Devices Data Acquisition Platform - ADQ14
The highest performance data acquisition platform available, featuring Xilinx’s Kintex 7 open FPGA
This is a unique and compact multi-channel 14-bit digitizer which offers sampling rates up to 2 GSPS. The ADQ14 is the first digitizer from SP Devices to host a Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA which is open to the


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