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From Aaron Hall, Editor of the PXI Newsletter:

Welcome fellow Test & Measurement professionals to the September 2020 edition of the PXI Newsletter.

Our thanks go to Pickering Interfaces, sponsor of this month's issue.

This year has been full of challanges that have changed many aspects of our lives. We hope that you are staying safe while navigating the changes.

This newsletter has articles highlighting the avdavtanges of PXI in the developement of test systems that add value due to their longevity. Also included is an article that helps answer some of the FAQs about PXI.

We hope everyone stays healthy and finds the articles and the New Products section in this month's newsletter informative.

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Delivering a Flexible, Future-Proof Avionics Test System

By Pickering Interfaces

The cost of failure in the military and commercial avionics industry is extremely high: replacing failed components can be very expensive and some failures can be catastrophic, leading to the ultimate price being paid - the loss of life. Therefore, the electronic systems and sub-assemblies used in these applications are required to meet exceptionally high-quality standards. The very diverse nature of equipment requiring testing in avionic systems has traditionally called for an equally complex range of test equipment required to measure signals ranging from DC to microwave. A major multinational avionics manufacturer recently engaged with Pickering to architect a core switching subsystem for a scalable avionics functional test system to be used across a variety of its platforms and projects. The development of such a flexible core test system is intended to reduce ongoing engineering costs and the time associated with test system development. Leveraging as much of the engineering effort invested in the new core switching system as possible offers time and cost savings on any future project requiring automated test. The company manufactures a diverse range of products and therefore requires a switching system that is capable of addressing an equally diverse range of signal levels and frequencies.



PXI Overview

By Mike Dewey, Marvin Test

As the commercial PC industry drastically improves the available bus bandwidth by transitioning PCI to PCI Express, PXI has the ability to address even more applications by integrating PCI Express into the PXI standard. Both the PCI Industrial Manufacturers Group (PICMG) which governs CompactPCI, and the PXI Systems Alliance (PXISA) which governs PXI, have worked to ensure that the PCI Express technology can be integrated into these standards, while preserving compatibility with the large installed base of existing systems. With PXI Express, users benefit from significantly increased bandwidth, ensured backward compatibility, and additional timing and synchronization features; improving upon an already established platform.



Thanks to all our readers.
Aaron Hall, Editor

New PXI Products

The PXI platform continues its explosive growth with many new product introductions. New products introduced in the last few months include:

Pickering - High-Density PXI Thermocouple Simulation
The isolated millivolt PXI thermocouple simulator, model 41-761, occupies a single PXI slot yet can provide up to 32 independently isolated channels of thermocouple simulation. Each channel provides a low voltage output across two connector pins capable of providing ±20mV with 0.7μV resolution, ±50mV with 1.7μV resolution and ±100mV with 3.3μV resolution, covering most thermocouple types. The use of two-wire outputs and isolation from ground ensures that the 41-761 can be used to accurately simulate low voltages even in the presence of common-mode voltages in the system.

Keysight - M9164A/B/C and M9165A/B/C PXIe Matrix Switches
The Keysight M916xA/B/C solid state PXIe switch modules are full crossbar switch matrices available in frequency ranges from 300 kHz up to 18 GHz. They work seamlessly with Keysight's M980xA PXIe series of VNA solution providing a switch based multiport VNA solution involving larger scale of multi-DUT or multiport measurement such as 5G massive MIMO antenna measurement and others. The M916xA/B/C is highly flexible and easily configured. Together with exceptional RF performance, it delivers confidence in your measurement for a reliable and repeatable results while at the same time reducing the overall cost of test.

Marvin Test Solutions - GX3756
The FPGA-based GX3756 delivers 56 channels of TTL logic compatible I/O, segmented into fourteen, four channel groups, in a high-performance 3U PXI hybrid slot compatible instrument. The GX3756 delivers a unique combination of TTL I/O, data streaming and connector/cable identification in a 3U PXI hybrid slot compatible instrument. Plus, the ruggedized, extended temperature version is ideal for deploying test systems in extreme, harsh environments.

Keysight M9602A and M9603A PXIe Precision Source/Measure Unit
The Keysight M9602A/M9603A are single-slot PXIe precision source/measure units (SMUs) featuring a best-in-it-class narrow pulse width as narrow as 10 μs, a fast sampling rate of up to 15 MSa/s and a wide output range enabling dynamic/pulsed measurements for broad emerging applications such as VCSEL optical devices and IC testing.

Marvin Test Solutions - GX3722
The GX3722 delivers exceptional flexibility and utility, with a unique mix of measurement and control functionality, in a single high-performance 3U PXI hybrid slot compatible instrument. The GX3722 delivers a unique combination of measurement and control functionality ideal for small to medium size systems.


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